Ketchup Chips and Birthday Invites

I received an invite to attend a friend’s birthday party.

Agreeing to go several weeks earlier, the day of the event came and I felt more than exhausted from a long week. I remember watching Netflix, splayed out on my bed, contemplating whether or not to go and I realized that this is where feelings of isolation as an entrepreneur come from. Shutting ourselves up from feeling so tired and looking at our to-do list instead of at the pleasures around us free for us to enjoy.

Double checking the time, I thought to myself that I didn’t need to bring much with me and that I would only stay for a few hours and then come home. Once there however, I had such an incredible time and I met a few people who I wanted to before and some who have already played an incredible role in my life despite being in it for a short period of time thus far.

While listening to the music and standing off to the side at the party for a moment, I reveled in the sound of great conversation and the taste of great food to celebrate my friend’s birthday.

I looked down at the handful of chips I placed on my plate, not being able to fully turn down ketchup chips ever, I realized I was holding a heart.

Cheryl Costello The Finding Hearts Project

I was reminded that sometimes life requires you to leave the house and do things even when you’re tired. More importantly though, it reminded me that the mind is a clever liar and will convince you to stay home when you never know who you’re going to run into or what kind of amazing time you’re going to have while out.

That’s what I’ve come to so love about the hearts and the way they show up at just the right time as if to get me to stop and press pause to savor the moment because something big and something wonderful is happening in the midst of it.

Cheryl Costello

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