I started this blog in 2014 with the intention of spreading a little light everyday through hearts, allowing the messages I was receiving through them to transform the everyday by simple shifts in perception. I’ve been reading A Course in Miracles for a long time, and transitioning highlighted the importance of these messages of light in the everyday.

This blog is about those signs; those little things which remind me I’m so loved that I couldn’t possibly wrap my head around it all. The world around me kept coming alive as I took the words from A Course in Miracles to heart, “I can choose to see peace instead of this,” when things got tough or I kept looking at problems instead of solutions (which is really an everyday invitation to spiritual and emotional maturity).

I saw hearts everywhere and once I started sharing them I realized how much they resonated for others too, because they started sharing them in turn, and not just through direct friends but family members of friends were getting in on it too. I realized then, the power of these everyday perspective shifts or miracles to transform, and shift us into a metamorphosis of the everyday details, exactly as and where you are.

The most powerful thing I could possibly do is abide by the first lines of the Prayer of St. Francis, which is precisely what I started doing as I saw hearts and reminders daily.

…make me an instrument of Thy peace…

That’s what I hope this blog is and continues to be: an instrument of peace that gets you excited about the signs of things being really, really good in your own life. Beyond seeing them as signs of connection, I hope that they carry you into and through the transformation of your everyday into a place of peace.

With all the hearts this world can find,


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