Opportunity and Gratitude

The summer months still had us wrapped up in a protective cocoon of warmth and sunlight after 7pm.

Nearly every weekend saw me heading out to some trail nearby or an hour’s drive away.

It was a weekend leading up to my cousin’s wedding and to get away from the hustle and bustle of the time spent preparing to photograph the big day. Moreover, great things were happening at work and it was filling up my schedule in the most wonderful way. My soul was craving some quiet away though, to get once again connected to my why, and the reason why I was taking on so many exciting challenges.

While siting near the water on one of those afternoons, I was saying a quiet prayer of thanks for all of the opportunities which had come my way in recent weeks. That gratitude carried itself through to the walk out of the park and back home. I was leaving the park and looked down at the side of the trail and the afternoon light was hitting the flowers perfectly to reveal a subtly beautiful heart.

Cheryl Costello The Finding Hearts Project

Gratitude does that and quite simply, activates the energy within that can’t help but bring hearts to you.

Stay grateful, Beautifuls.


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