Hiking and Errands

I ventured out for another one of my hikes on a weekend I had off this summer.

Finding other photographers to go on hikes with has always been a unique challenge when it comes to coordinating free time and great locations (not to mention the weather), so when one of my friends was free and asked whether or not I wanted to go on a hike to see some local Nature, I couldn’t say no!

We ventured North of Toronto to Terra Cotta Conservation Area, where the beauty was just breathtaking.

Cheryl Costello Terra Cotta Conservation Area

The trails were filled with so much greenery and the tall trees towered over us, leaving our necks bent and our eyes wide with awe at the scene before us.

The sunlight played with the leaves, creating shadows that changed shape and that if you looked at long enough, you could almost make a game out of guessing what shape it was taking with this breeze.

It had been my goal all summer to find and photograph water lilies, being that my favorite flowers are stargazer lilies. Any kind of lily is generally speaking gorgeous and without even realizing it, I fulfilled this summer’s one simple wish.

Cheryl Costello Water Lily

Once I saw the flowers my heart swelled a few sizes and my excitement was likely palpable.

With my mind wandering through the trails and through the tall forests, my heart was doing much of the same, wandering through the lists of things I had to be grateful for.

Gratitude as enormous as the sky above and the forests before us.

Cheryl Costello Forest

It was later that day, I found the heart while venturing back out in the world to take care of a few errands.

Much like the scenery I was blissed to see earlier, the heart made me smile from ear-to-ear and lit up my soul.

Cheryl Costello Heart Window Ledge

That’s just how it goes some days.

Gratitude creates more gratitude and when that happens the hearts can’t help but find you.


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