Hearts On Ward’s Island

I work with the INSPIRE Awards Board of Directors and our summer retreat brought us to Ward’s Island across the Lake, from Toronto.

The day was filled with inspiring events and things we wanted to see take place over the next year. We were surrounded by the deep blues and lush greens that only come with the end of summer, where everything seems more rich in color as we start to notice the slightest chill in the air, making us savor everything that much more.

The ferry took us across the Lake and as the city faded from view, my excitement for the day grew, our plans for the coming year unfolding throughout the afternoon, as we settled into a space I had never been before.

Cheryl Costello- The Finding Hearts Project

We were surrounded by deep greens and the cool breeze which comes from being close to the Lake. Little else compares to the feeling of the summer humidity with the gentle wind caressing your face as if to say, “Welcome home”.

The space we had access to for the afternoon to do our workshop and growth exercises for the year was breathtaking and knowing that we had a whole other trip over the water made my heart sing.

Cheryl Costello- The Finding Hearts Project Cheryl Costello- The Finding Hearts Project

When we arrived on the island, my heart was already soaring into the furthest reaches of gratitude and appreciation. I gave the water taxi driver a giant smile and a genuine, “Thank you!” as we climbed onto the docks.

We made our way down a small winding pathway when we disembarked.

And of course, the first thing I saw was a heart painted on a piano.

Cheryl Costello- The Finding Hearts Project

Naturally, when my heart is at peace, the more the other hearts make their way to me.

Nothing comes close to gratitude.

Cheryl Costello


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