Riverside and Butterflies

I was out for a hike with Momma Bird and it felt like the world around us was coming to life to welcome our arrival on the trail.

He stopped along the path to admire the way the shrubs and trees looked under the midday sun when the most stunning monarch butterfly caught my eye, soaking up the sunshine.


Riding on a high, having come so close to something so gorgeous, we kept on walking when we came to a bridge that arched over the river beneath. Not content to follow the beaten path, we saw a dirt trail that veered off alongside the water and without needing any words we both agreed to see where the afternoon and the trail seldom walked, took us.


Once through the thicket of tall bushes and trees, we came to the side of the river and it was the most beautiful sight. The shallow water rippled golden currents over the sand and stones underneath and I couldn’t help but jump in just to feel the pull of something so strong and connected to the Earth as that river.


The water was freezing cold but with pant legs rolled up and the sun warming my face, I carried on until I reached a small island in the midst of the moving water.

Buzzing with excitement, I was grinning ear-to-ear as we continued our hike and along the way, of course, I found a heart in one of the trees near the entrance. I missed it on the way in but the gratitude I felt on the way out of the hike, I have no doubt, brought the heart to my attention as if to say: you thought that was awesome? Check this out.


Because that’s the kind of Universe we live in, isn’t it? Always giving. Always overflowing. If we simply paid attention to all the reasons we have to be exceptionally grateful.


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