Lakeside Sunday

I spent that Sunday by the lake, watching the clouds pass by slowly, listening to the families pass by the shore, craving a little solitude after a busy few weeks.

The wind was barely rippling any waves on the surface of the water which gave the illusion that the water was caressing the edges of the water lilies and leftover stumps of once fallen trees.


The moment felt so perfect, my pen racing across the page, trying to keep up with the thoughts going through my mind even faster.

Eventually, I started walking on the trails around the lake once again and amidst my feelings of gratitude (the week was long and hard but there were so many good things unfolding before me), I found a heart in the bark of a tree I passed on the way back home.


In that moment I was at peace.

And sometimes that is more than enough because that peace is at the core of what we most need.


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