Loaves On a Tired Morning

It was early morning before work and I was getting ready for the day.

The week had barely begun but already I was feeling the effects of a full schedule.

My eyes felt too heavy to keep open, but too light to carry the weight of the day ahead of me and my mind was still tucked under the covers. The smell of freshly brewed coffee filled the kitchen air, signalling to my brain that it was time to wake.

Preparing breakfast, I reached for my gluten free bread and found this in the middle of the loaf, as if reminding me that even when I’m that tired, love is still within reach and worth reaching for.

Cheryl Costello Heart Bread


Sometimes sleep doesn’t go the way we planned and some days are longer than others, but the one thing for sure is that we can always choose to be love in the world.

Arguably, that’s the most important time to choose love.


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