Hearts On The Wall

It’s been a while since my last post on here.

Between tending to my health and focusing on more professional goals, I spent some time away but the hearts were still making their way to me in abundance.And I’m excited to start sharing again.

Without further adieu…

I was spending a much needed day with Momma Bird, catching up on life and nourishing the soul in the way that only the best of friends can do for you. The Winter saw me understand and appreciate life for all of its fullness and richness; nearly losing your life will do that to you. It puts everything into fresh perspective and challenges your understanding of what’s important because as I’ve told others and written (link) about it elsewhere, the only things I considered while floating in and out of consciousness was, “I hope I get the chance to tell them I love them” in reference to friends and family in my life and “I hope I was good” meaning that I hope I did good things with the time I spent. 

It was scary but two months later, life is working its magic in ways I couldn’t have anticipated before. 

The afternoon I spent with Momma Bird was filled with soul-conversation and wandering through one of my favourite places in the world: bookstores. While on the way into this particular one, and acting as a road sign that I’m on the right track, I saw a heart drawn on the wall outside of the building. Perfectly upright and perched there as if just for me, I stood in the busy parking lot that Sunday smiling because I had another chance to put love into the world.

The same magic that brings the hearts to me all the time is the same magic that we’re made of. Here’s to remembering that every day. 

Cheryl Costello


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