All That’s Happened In A Year

It’s been some time since that last post and a lot of life has happened in between.

Sometimes you have to take two steps back to take leaps forward and that’s what the past year looked like for me.

Healing takes place in the quiet moments between big ones and I found that in order to reacquaint myself with the person I was becoming at the beginning of 2016, I needed more than just a few quiet moments.

I really wanted healing and peace but I really had no idea what that invitation to change would include, because the path becomes clearer only when we’re on it. It’s the caveat no one mentions until you’re reading the map when you get lost and realize the fine print that says it sometimes requires all parts of you. I would stop and start my writing and photography without understanding why what I once adored, felt like a struggle. I learned that I was in the midst of letting things go and creation took precious energy away from that process. When you’re used to carrying heavy luggage alongside you every day, you need to keep your reserves handy for the unpacking. It was just that kind of season.

The majority of 2016 saw me going through a few physical health challenges and subsequent emotional challenges wherein most of what I thought I knew got turned upside down, inside out and sideways; I wish I was exaggerating to say that the whirlwind left literally no stone un-turned. I’ve already begun looking back and am calling that period of my life, “The Great Clearing Out” where my mind and soul prepared for the next, far healthier, conscious and intentional phase of my life.

Despite being quiet on here, I was still taking pictures of all the hearts I found along the way!

Only in the past month or so, since I’ve made sense of the empty spaces left behind in bags packed to the brim with things that really didn’t serve me, I’ve woken up with that familiar call to create. The one that whispers in a million ways to share pictures, write stories and tell people about the things I’ve learned. It also helps that the old “stuff” was cleared out for much clearer vision and a world that woke up to what feels like technicolor; That’s been a pretty awesome bonus.

I’m updating this beautiful piece of digital real estate more, with hearts from the past year and with ones I’m still finding. Stories and hearts abound, so stick around and thank you reader, for sticking with me on this wild ride.



More hearts on hikes are on their way!


Love in Toronto’s Distillery District this past Holiday Season.


Like a butterfly emerging, with a few confused faces along the way.



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