In The Parking Lot Before Work

It was a long week at work and training for a new section was demanding a great deal of my focus. I’ve always operated with the idea that if I can do a thing well and do a thing with all of my attention, there’s no limit to what I can accomplish. Which is exactly why, when heading into work one morning, I knew I needed to change my mind about how I saw the day. 

The day could either be immensely difficult or it could be a small stepping stone and growing pain to something much bigger and to something much more satisfying in my career. There are those rough days which try to convince us that what happens for a few short moments should dictate how we feel over a much longer period of time.

There is no easy way out of that moment, either, despite feeling like all you want is some relief.

I felt the cool breeze, warm for the season but cool given how much my body still yearned for summer’s warmth. The light of the morning was hidden behind clouds and I looked down while walking into the builidng, thinking about how I could make the day good. It may not be great but I could, at the very least, make it a good day. 

Within seconds, I looked down and saw the heart resting on the pavement as if put there just for me to see and be reminded that it could be amazing and that it started with the simplest decision to feel good.

We don’t have to solve the world’s problems in an instant but it’s worth stopping to consider how we can make the daily tribulations we experience, just a little bit easier for ourselves.

The hearts in the pavement told me so.


Cheryl Costello


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