Running Late

I was running for the bus and barely made it in time and made it only because the bus driver was kind enough to slow down to pick me up. I was so incredibly grateful. 

There is a moment where you truly understand what it means to be crestfallen, when you see the bus you need, all but driving right past you. You can’t help but think to yourself, “If only I had just a few more seconds.” Moreover, you can’t help but look ahead to the twenty to thirty minutes you have to wait for the next bus to arrive. There are other times though, where rather than feel the breeze of the bus whipping by without you on it, the driver slows down to pick you up. 

That morning I was hoping to reach my destination in time, as I my business partner was waiting at the end of my journey. We’re prearing for the launch of our little startup and it was a crucial meeting to get everything continuing on its way. 

I dared to hope and caught the eye of the bus driver, mouthing, “Please stop,” while waving my hand out ever so slightly. I can’t say for sure but I’d like to believe that the little bit of faith I had in that moment and the fact that Christmas was upon us, made that bus driver want to stop and pick me up. 

While running for the bus, some of the coffee I had, spilled on my hand and down the side of my cup. Safely on the bus, I dedicated myself to the task of cleaning both myself and the cup when I saw in the heart on the side.

Sure enough, settled into the back of the bus, looking out at the world passing by me, I felt only immense gratitude for how big my heart felt and how small the world’s concerns seemed in that moment. 

I felt as though, if we all treated one another with that same kindness and saw those same reasons to be grateful in others, how much could we do in this lifetime? How much more could we achieve? 

Even now, to think about it, it feels as though the only answer to that question is, we could do anything.

Cheryl Costello


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