Time to Hike

Momma Bird and I were on a hike, spending time outside and surrounding ourselves in the lush green scenery that summer’s heat and warm rain provided. 

It’s brought me so much joy to see him whip out his camera on his phone to take pictures of flowers and other small scenery just because it’s so beautiful that he can’t help but want to capture it and share it with others. Sometimes too, he’s agreed with me that it’s less about sharing the scenery we find and more about keeping it for ourselves as a reminder that life is so abundant that our good overflows.   


I spend a lot of time surrounded by trees and whenever I’m near the water, my soul feels like it’s home. 

It’s where the broad leaves point the way back and the cool breeze whispers through the trees that no matter what happens, my strong and broad roots anchor me to the present moment and help me bend in the strong winds, able to withstand anything and everything. 

It’s also where the hearts make themselves known, in the most unlikely of places, if we simply train our vision to focus on the good.  

Like clockwork, they keep showing up, even when I least expect it.

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