Nature Just Knows

Nature provides unique opportunities to savor life and the things that stop us in our tracks long enough to remember that what takes our breath away, is the same stuff of which we’re made, be it stardust or flowers that just know the perfect time to bloom. 

This particular walk was no different. 

Stumbling upon more than a scene of green punctuated with pink, you could smell the sweetness of flowers blooming shortly after the rain drenched the Earth with it’s soothing sheets.

Stopping in my tracks, I walked up closer to what looked like spots belonging to the flowers themselves, to find beetles inside almost all of the flowers, making use of the pollen that overflowed from the insides of the flowers that couldn’t help but overflow with riches to give to the world.


It’s just what Nature does. 

Overflowing and existing so perfectly balanced, knowing exactly what to do with each raindrop and each ray of sunshine. 

While on that walk contemplating the way that life always seems to work out exactly as we need it to, without any intervention on our parts, I stumbled upon this heart shaped piece of bark that stood out on the pathway as though trying to remind me to slow down right alongside the world around me.

Slow down. 


Be more like the Nature I so adore.



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