Playful Food, Playful Universe

I had just gotten back from a morning run.

Dragging my tired bones out of bed and into a cold morning for a run was not an easy thing, but the rewards were plenty.

Coming back to a fridge full of nourishing food was incomparable and has a way of making a person feel like a million bucks.IMG_3747

I was totally playing with my food, taking out my Ollo Clip and snapping pictures of the raspberries I was getting ready to savor and pack alongside other exciting food for lunch.


And then, my food started playing back.

I cut a tomato up to have on my Gluten Free bread with some sprouts and avocado, when this heart jumped out at me.



I laughed when I saw it, knowing that I was supported for the rest of the day and that no matter what came my way, it would be alright that day.

Because I played with my food and invited the Universe to play back.

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