Up On The Hill

I wandered off more than once on the trip, weaving my way through scenery and happy to lose myself in the thickets of trees, blankets of moss and comforts of a landscape that just wouldn’t quit.

Without making it my goal to see hearts, I went on a photography journey one afternoon and while meandering up a hill near camp I started finding hearts in the moss and lichen.
untitled-142-2-2untitled-260-3Then I stmbled upon a tree…though if i were being entirely honest I would say slid off of a moss covered rock and into a tree containing the above heart.

Wandering around the hill, I was looking down at the Earth around me, not only because of its fresh-after-rainfall greens, but also because more hearts started revealing themselves to me.

untitled-302I kept repeating to myself, how lucky I felt, not just to be seeing all of these hearts, but to be so immersed in this kind of magic.

It still amazes me that every day I see at least this many hearts.

And I’m loving every second of it.

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