Manitoulin Trail

While on Manitoulin Island there were hearts GALORE.

One of my favorite days, let alone my favorite heart, was the day I hiked a few miles of the trail through Kagawong.

Hidden in the trees, the trail seemed built to inspire. It ran along a river leading out to the mouth of a bay much further down the path and pouring down from the wall of rock, trees and growth were small waterfalls. Little culverts diverted the water under the trail and down into the river, creating trickles that sometimes led to a dull roar of water coming down the hillside.

The soft dirt on the pathway and surprises along the way gave me fodder for pictures but it also made me feel like Christmas came early with how stunning it was to see Nature in all its lush splendor.




Never before had I walked alone on a path whose covering of trees made it seem as though dusk was descending upon it. Finding either a Timber Wolf or Bear track, I realized that there were dangers in this type of wild, so different from the ones I’m used to in the city, that make hiking in pairs a wise idea. I will say though, that the solitude and sound of only running water and my feet softly treading on the well worn trail helped me remember that sometimes, those are the only two things you need.

And as I came to the end of the trail, I watched the light as it shone through an opening in the trees above me, drawing my attention to a heart shape in the trail before me.

untitled-633-2There really is love everywhere.

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