Moving Day Hearts

It was an early morning and I was in Toronto, helping a friend move. I was running late in getting to the agreed upon meeting place before we rented the truck and descended upon the city to help move her two cities away. The sun was hidden behind a thin layer of clouds and unlike the warm weather we’ve been seeing this Winter, there was a chill in the air that wouldn’t let go; That didn’t stop me 

There’s something about being able to help a friend, which fills me up with so much joy because it means that they trust me enough to be part of something as big as a moving day. It could just be me, being my usual sentimental self, but there’s something powerful about a day as big as a moving day. 

My friend’s Mom and I were walking to Tim Horton’s to get coffee and Timbits for those helping her move and throughout the morning I was feeling exceptionally excited for the day ahead. I didn’t know how it would turn out but I was thrilled at the prospect of the day ahead and all the great things that had the possiblity of happening. 

I was running through my gratitude list and without fail, a heart jumped out at me across the sidewalk, so that I gasped, stopped in my tracks and scared the absolute crap out of my friend’s Mom who, thankfully, had a great sense of humor.

What I didn’t realize was there was a faint heart in the grass almost at the same level of sight as the red heart. 

It stopped us both in our tracks and reminded me that the positive expectation I was resting in, was exactly what everyone needed to make the day not only a success, but funny, memorable and all of the things that helping a friend should be. 

I’m sure it’s not surprise by now, but the day was a total success and I even got to spend the night in the arms of my love. What more could you really want in life?

Everything starts and ends with that kind of gratitude.


Cheryl Costello


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