Rose Petals For Dancing

It was a long weekend after my cousin got married and I was settling back down, trying to give my body a rest.

It wasn’t stress that wore my body down but how much I was dancing that night. My legs hadn’t gotten that much of a workout since the first time I ever tried running, a few years ago. I was dancing with anyone and everyone who would share a few moves, that night.

There was no reason to complain or gripe, though my body was aching for relief from some smooth dance moves and other moves that are best viewed in dim light.

While preparing an epsom salt bath, I saw the rose a friend gave me from the bouquet the bride threw in our direction and to truly celebrate love in its forms, I wanted to take the rose and soak in its gorgeous petals, seeing that the life it once had was slowly creeping away, leaving wilted petals in its wake.

Cheryl Costello The Finding Hearts Project

Just to amp up the luxury, I tossed in some lavender oil into the bath and soaked away the aches, staying grateful for the great time had by everyone.

When removing the petals from the bath after I was done, I noticed that one of the petals of course formed a heart.

Cheryl Costello The Finding Hearts Project

My heart was jumping for joy at how perfect that moment felt and how lucky I was to be feeling aches from so much dancing and the expression of so much happiness at my youngest cousin getting married.

That alone is a cause for celebration, let alone the happiness of my baby cousin’s big day.

And of course like clockwork, the hearts were there to celebrate right along with me.

Cheryl Costello


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