Bridal Veil Falls

We ventured out to Bridal Veil Falls one afternoon while I was on vacation in August.

Generally speaking, bodies of water inspire me and waterfalls, much the same.

So when we got to the stairs leading to the falls, I was in awe.

untitled-419And all along the rocks at the bottom, I found hearts surrounding me.

untitled-441untitled-485untitled-491untitled-506I once thought of love as a feeling you get when you think about someone but the truth is that love is everywhere. It’s not specific to someone or some thing because that means you can only know it when you’re in relationship with a person but what about the love we feel when we’re by ourselves? What about the force within us that moves us to appreciate or give to others?

This started as a project to capture hearts and upon seeing them, use them as a cue to feel grateful. What I didn’t anticipate was how much I would learn about love from all of them.

Here’s to romance you find with others and what you create on your own.

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