In The Garden

Sometimes the hearts make me stop and think, while other times it’s like a high-five from the Universe, saying, “Enjoy it! It’s meant to feel this awesome!”

I stayed over at my Uncle’s house the night before our drive to Manitoulin Island. The night before, I purchased an Ollo Clip for my iPhone, to take new types of pictures with it. I’d waited a while before making the buy, because I wasn’t sure of whether or not I would use it and wanted to make sure I had enough money to spare. Living on my own has, if nothing else, made me want to ensure that if I spent over $40 on something, I’m going to use it a great deal.

It took a while to get the hang of, because I wasn’t sure of how I wanted to use each setting (wide angle, macro and fisheye) but with a little practice I’m getting steadier feet in my photography.

The pictures have been turning out amazingly well and one of the first ones I took while looking around the garden outside the house was of this little heart in the garden. It’s not necessarily gallery material, but it did the trick for this photo.


I was still getting the hang of each setting but wanted to take an immediate picture of it and I’m glad I did, too. Before we left my Aunt watered the garden and the hose sliding to its intermittent locations moved it and it became another shape altogether.

I’m still in awe sometimes, at how the hearts always find me.

They have become the exclamation point in my days and I’m forever grateful.

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