Turtles and Hearts Just Because

I was out hiking with a friend last Summer and for no reason other than the fact that we wanted to spend an afternoon driving around the back roads north of Orangeville, Ontario.

We don’t do it often, but sometimes it’s amazing to drive with no point in mind, just to see what the communities outside of your own look like and what surprises you’ll find. Moreover, my friends joke about my sense of direction being “freakishly” accurate so it’s fun to watch us get lost with them telling me what twists and turns to take, then accepting the challenge of getting back home.

While on the home stretch of our drive that day, we stopped at Palgrave Pond in Caledon and naturally, because there was water and a gazebo, I couldn’t help but ask if my friend would be up for exploring a little bit.


Stopping at the water’s edge, I saw algae blooms due to the already warm Spring air but before heading back to the car, Nature had some fun in store for us and we saw a Midland Painted Turtle on the way.


It was an easy curiosity between us both, but so as not to make it too anxious and because one look at those claws made me a little more humble, I left pretty quickly to let it get back to it’s day. Aside from finding smaller turtles adorable, I also love seeing animals and little critters on my adventures. It’s nice to see that alongside the trees, there’s life hidden in the lush greens and deep blues.

The entire drive was gorgeous and I felt a peace that spoke of the beauty of spending a day off exploring the world with absolutely no destination in mind. Great friends make that even more amazing.

Naturally, I found a heart in the gazebo we stopped in for a quick view of the pond before getting back into navigating home mode.


There are times where lessons or important reminders unfold that the hearts guide me to but then other times they just pop up when I’m savoring or feeling grateful for what other great things are on their way.

When there are slow days between the busy, it’s always worth stopping long enough to say thank you and sometimes Nature comes out to play, bringing little creatures along with it.

This heart showed up just because and matched the bright sunlight guiding the way back.



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