When Daydreams Whisper

It was a busy few weeks at work in Toronto and I just moved as well, so it was all about finishing unpacking and savoring the nesting process in a new space, taking a few deep breaths in that time as well.


Thankfully it was the end of the week and guests were joining me in the new place that weekend.

We went out for brunch on Sunday morning (as Torontonians do) and then spent the afternoon wandering through Roncesvalles and Parkdale.

There was so much change happening that I found my focus slipping in and out of conversation the group was having, while I looked around at an unfamiliar city where I was trying to find a sense of home and ease. Deciding to leave those thoughts behind for now, we left the restaurant and went on our way, coming across fantastic graffiti that I silently took in with a few clicks of my camera.


It set the stage for our little adventure, with that much inspiration bursting forth already I had a feeling the day was going to reveal a few wonderful surprises.

We found ourselves at the north end of Roncesvalles in Toronto and walked towards King St., stopping in numerous stores, me losing myself in a few used bookstores and stocking up on older Maya Angelou editions. It was halfway between our landmarks that I spotted a sign of some of the fun the day was having with me.


It got me thinking harder about the spiritual journey I was on and had me ask the vital question of whether I was genuinely setting my soul alight with passion and stoking that creative flame with what work meant to me.

It was the start of the ache indicating that I found more of my “true north” and that I wasn’t quite in alignment with it. There were many quiet moments at night where, staring off into space I would be daydreaming of what I really loved doing- working with books, writing, inspiration and activism. I had no idea just what that would look like but it gradually got clearer. When that sign appeared it might as well have said, “If you’re waiting for a sign, this is it.”

One of our final stops was at an odds and ends store in Parkdale where I saw a sign that made me laugh out loud. Being that I was so wrapped up in my mind that day I felt as though it was life guiding me to the understanding that though I wasn’t a customer, life was going to be changing according to my attitude about it.


Walking back to the apartment shortly afterwards, I found a heart on a pedestrian crossing that rounded out the day perfectly. There are easy coincidences that hint at an encouraging arrangement of events but the hearts are my “direct line” from Source that the feeling I’m in the midst of and the “miracle” or perspective shift I’m in the middle of was exactly as it should be.


It’s a scary thing to find yourself in the middle of a life you don’t quite recognize because so many things have changed at once. There’s a certain amount of time it takes to understand whether that feeling of being lost in your life is the temporary result of a new job and moving to a new city. I didn’t know it then but that limited waiting period would soon expire and afterwards, I found more places in which to sink my roots but they were in places I hadn’t expected.

Finding a heart at the first hints of change are the perfect signpost that even if it’s a little uncomfortable, you’re right where you need to be.





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