Rock What You’ve Got

It was Thanksgiving weekend last year and I was absolutely adoring all of the fall colors. It’s one of my favorite times of year because it gives me the perfect excuse to curl up with a giant duvet, tea and a book as an escape from the chilly air, amidst the changing season.


I spent the holiday away from home and on the road where I was exploring Ottawa’s Autumn offerings.

It threw me to be removed from home because it’s the subtle nuances of the Nature that surrounds me, where I find myself in alignment with the seasons. While I adore being on the road and so grateful, being that busy comes with it’s own challenges.

There were hikes I went on that were just good for the soul at Le lac Pink du parc de la Gatineau, in Québec.


The water was a bright green that I learned was so brilliant because of the algae in it and that there’s no oxygen at the lake’s bottom.



All the science aside, it was simply stunning to look at and the changing season made my heart feel alive. I could feel all of me breathing deeply after a busy several months being on the road or back and forth between a few cities, with few places to call my own. I looked up while on one of the trails and I remember stopping to admire the way one set of trees put on a brilliant show with their mix of colors.


While wandering the trail once others joined me I realized that there is something so vitally important about nurturing my introverted parts and giving myself rest. There was depleted energy, and then there was how I was feeling at that particular moment in time.

I came to understand that I crave roots to dig into the world around me, not by place but by spending time alone in Nature or with one other person only. Trying to keep up with the demands of the world, I threw myself into a busy stream and though I managed to swim, I much prefer lazy rivers when it comes to social interactions.

While on the way back to the car I stopped and saw a heart shaped rock standing out as if placed there for me as a reminder to stop, slow down and make peace with my need for that lazy river pace.


Life does get busy after all, but if it feels like more of a fast-moving stream, we can always find out way to the shore and sit for a while, before jumping back in until we reach calmer waters.

It’s worth remembering that we don’t have to make ourselves miserable by fitting into the boxes that others do because we think that’s where the fun lives. There’s more fun and more to be won from owning who you are and rocking what you’ve got, because there’s no greater gift than being comfortable in your own skin.




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