New Cars and Sushi

I was out for sushi with Momma Bird and we were spending time catching up and talking about his brand new truck. 

He’d been keeping an eye on different cars and dealerships for a while, so it only made sense when the text message came in, that he said he was getting the truck and sent accompanying pictures of his new baby. 

While out, I kept revelling in the smile on his face as he was talking about his new truck and I wanted nothing more than to keep asking questions about how it felt when he picked it out, went for a test drive and smelled the new car smell once he took possession of the vehicle. 

You couldn’t help but smile right back at him as the grin spread from cheek-to-cheek on his face. 

There’s something so wonderful about seeing friends that happy with how their lives were going and with how different aspects of their goals were playing out perfectly. I wanted everyone in the restaurant to know how great a person he was but also to know how bright his joy lit up our corner of the restaurant. 

Sitting at the table, waiting for the food we ordered (though it should not be called plates of food at sushi and instead troughs because let’s face it- anything less than that at sushi makes me wonder why I’m going in the first place), I looked down at the table where I saw the mark my water glass left behind.


It was the perfect shape of a heart and the way the light hit it, made it look like it was under a spotlight. 

Truth be told, it did feel like the moment deserved the spotlight because of how perfect it felt to be surrounded by the joy of someone who means so much to you.

There are hearts that remind you of the love around you and there are hearts which serve as the perfect compliment to an already incredible expression of love, joy and that pure essence of happiness as though existing purely as though the Universe was saying, “Check out this one we put together just for you.” 

I needed no other reasons to love sushi as much as I do, but all the hearts that pop up when out enjoying it with great company make it impossible to stay away. 

No complaints here. 


Cheryl Costello


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