In Front of The Camera

There are some points in our lives where we want to stop and not only take in the proverbial scenery but also savour as much of it as we possibly can.

I had a moment like that recently.

I was chosen to represent the LGBTQ community at work, in a film documenting parts of the day in a life of an employee. I consider myself so blessed for the experiences I’ve had there and it’s been nothing short of magical to think about where I was in my personal and professional life a mere year and a half ago. When I was having makeup put on me by a wonderful artist sent literally just for me, I realized that I wanted to remember forever, how beautiful I felt and how it felt to see the fruits of the hard work I’ve done (and continue to do) come to fruition in a really amazing way.

I connected with the makeup artist and we talked about this blog, life and a lot of life in between. She had a wonderful spirit and we were talking about a few things I don’t recall completely, when I saw the heart on her glasses.   

It was that moment that I knew this day was nothing short of a gift from the Universe to confirm all of the good that keeps unfolding.

The morning started off with short filming inside and outside of my house and then we got to my work where we did even more filming. 

I was waiting for the camera crew to set up one of the final scenes and I stopped to get a picture of the director’s clapperboard because of how genuinely incredible it felt.   

I wanted to remember forever, the understanding I had in that moment that it doesn’t matter whether you come from a low income family. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re gay. It doesn’t matter whether or not people like you. It doesn’t matter either, whether you deal with depression. What matters is what you do with all of those things that make you stand out the most and put them to wonderful work for yourself. 

I have no reason to have such a great experience and others like it too, aside from my determination to find something good in absolutely everything that could have been perceived negatively. I want nothing more, too, than to keep sharing that with others at every turn. 

If left with a choice, always let the light in. It leads you to the hearts and the best kind of home within, that you could ever ask for.

Small heads up- if you’re in the Toronto area and you’re looking for a fantastic, experienced and professional makeup artist, look no further than @makeupbykate on Instagram…she’s where it’s at!


Cheryl Costello


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