Holiday At The Table

Being laid up with a bad reaction from a food allergy is officially my least favourite way to pass the time; It also prevented me from posting yesterday.

It was Christmas Day last week and I was meeting my then girlfriend’s family for the first time. There were some nerves and a few worries about how the evening would go because of how important she’s becoming to me.

The nerves were on high but I was so excited to see her and it was finally here: Christmas. 

We were talking about this blog with all of its hearts, when her grandmother smiled and ran to grab their table cloth for the meal.

It was the only one they had at the store that was red and of course, it had hearts.

It as the perfect reminder that Christmas is so much about that sense of possibility and wonder at life’s little synchronicities.

What else would have brought the heart-filled table cloth into the conversation?

Stay open. Stay awake. Stay grateful.

Everything else just falls into place.

Cheryl Costello


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