Starbucks at Christmas

I was out, getting coffee shortly before Christmas and feeling the pressure of the shortening time until Christmas Day.

Usually, I try to get everyone’s gifts well in advance of the day, though sometimes it’s been harder to get everyone’s gifts done that far ahead.

I was waiting for my drink, the sunshine poring in through the window on that delightfully warm December day. I had to head out to one of the biggest malls in the area, not knowing what to expect, though understanding that it could be a draining day.

Rather than focus on what could’ve gone wrong before the day even started, I turned my attention instead, to all the things that could go impossibly right.

How ridiculously good could it get and how much could the Universe spoil me?

Once I started to shift my thinking more, we got to the end of the bar at Starbucks where I saw a Christmas heart that seemed to be put there just for me.

Candy canes, perspective shifts and endless optimism to go around. It just goes really well, with coffee.

Cheryl Costello


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