On Being Brave

I was visiting a friend one night, helping her clean and take care of her apartment because a bad knee kept her out of the mobility game for some time. It’s my personal philosophy that helping others is the easiest way to the most meaningful life. It’s through serving others and setting aside our own needs to be right or the centre of attention, that life shines its absolute brightest. 

While walking down the stairs with the vaccum, I stopped to take a breather, chatting with my friend upstairs and around the corner. I was admiring the sign I’d seen several times I came over to this apartment and her old one. 

I smiled while looking at it, knowing that she couldn’t see the grin spread across my face at that kind of positivity on display. 

“Braver than you believe”.

The words danced through my mind as I thought about the times where I was braver than I ever could’ve known. 

When I looked closer, I ran up the stairs like a flash to get my phone to capture it because I was awe-struck at how plainly the heart showed up in the sign.

Braver than  you believe.

Like a lion, sometimes you have to hang on and know that the hearts show up because  you’ve done the brave thing in circumstances that don’t always make you feel brave or extraordinary. 

THe hearts remind me to be brave and courageous because sometimes positivity doesn’t roar but it will  make you stand taller and love more fiercely.


Cheryl Costello


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