While In Transit

I was waiting at the bus terminal for a transfer and I had my headphones in, hoping that the trip would be as quick as possible.

The weeks earlier saw me spending more time on transit than I ever had before. I tried to rectify the feeling with how many exciting things I was bringing me but my insides were tired from stretching myself too thin.

It started manifesting as small migraines, then bigger ones, the tension in my neck all but stiffening it completely.

Standing near a pillar waiting in the cool Winter air for the arrival of the bus, I thought about how I had a lot to think negatively about but I remembered too, just how much I had to be immensely grateful for and that became what I focused on primarily. I changed the song on my phone, to match my brightening mood and in the paint on the concrete, you may have guessed it by now…

…a heart.

Sometimes it’s as simple as changing the song and changing the words to it in your head, to turn around your entire day.

Cheryl Costello


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