Hearts At Granny’s House

One of my favorite signs that Christmas is on its way, is the “Costello Christmas” where about twenty and sometimes thirty of us all gather together to celebrate the season and the spirit of giving, compassion and love. 

This season, I wasn’t sure whether or not I was going to be able to go and I am so incredibly glad that I went. Without question, I knew my heart would be there. Nothing quite compares to staying the weekend at Granny’s place, with the comfortable bed in the back room and the sound of soft music filtering through the quiet house in the mornings. 

That’s Granny’s house. 

Trips there usually meant spending time with that much wisdom, love and something you can’t help but leave without feeling better off from. That’s the way of family though and it’s true that at this time of year, there’s no place I’d rather be than surrounded by their laughter, warmth and stories about how life has been treating them. 

I arrived after a long journey that saw me catching the wrong train, my phone battery dying while on the way to a train station that ended up being closed. Once I arrived, I had to take a cab to a local Coffee Culture to charge my phone and there were some scary visitors greeting me in the corridors downstairs in it, near the washrooms. 

Once I walked through her door and entered into that familiar space that felt like home, my heart was at peace. Seeing her Christmas tree nestled into the corner of her living room filled me with so much joy because the sight of it, combined with the twinkling lights outside the window reminded me of precisely what I adore about this time of year.

The morning of the Christmas party, my Aunt, Uncle and I were seated around the kitchen table enjoying some tea, coffee and breakfast. I swear my tea tastes better when I’m in such good company.

While seated around the edges of the table, I looked down at my cup and laughed while pulling out my phone for a picture. 

Right in front of me and I didn’t even see it at first; A heart in the chest of the penguin on my mug.

It highlighted all of the reasons why I love going to Granny’s, whether or not it’s Christmas or the middle of summer.

What better place to find hearts, than around family?

Cheryl Costello


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