Lush Hearts

I just discovered the magic that is lush skincare products. 

It wasn’t until a few short months ago that I got more serious about finding products for my skin and around the house that are far more sustainable and chemical-free than most of what’s available in stores. 

Someone introduced me to lush lotion, its “Karma Kream” capturing my nosebuds instantaneously and refusing to let go. 

Before now, I simply used to use coconut oil and natural soaps I picked up from the Bulk Barn, finding that they were the easiest and least harsh way to take care of my skin. Now, it’s important to know that I’m not really at all the type to obsess much over these kinds of things, because I wear my tomboy status with pride. 

I am however, loving what Lush offers and one morning, while thinking about how lucky I was to find a skincare product that’s so easy to work with in the morning and doesn’t cost a small fortune.

Without fail, that little bit of gratitude, brough a heart out to play, from the “Dark Angels” face cleanser.

Know that I’m not getting anything from Lush for this post either (though that would be awesome). I found this heart and wanted to share the story of my gratitude, that brough the heart out. 

It’s interesting because some people tell me that I find the hearts left behind by the Universe, but I believe that the hearts for the most part take shape because of my gratitude. 

And that’s why I’ll still be sending up my thanks for all of the magic this life has to offer for the rest of my life. 

Cheryl Costello


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