Timbit Heart

It was an early morning, for which I was running slightly late. 

If there’s one thing that frazzles me and sends me into a tailspin of anxiety, it’s the thought of being late. Even since I was a child, I’ve been on time or nearly so, for everything. Usually, I’m a half hour or more, early and just bring a book, waiting for the person I’m meeting or the appointment I have. 

Nonetheless, today was one of those hard-to-do-anything-about days and I still had so many things to focus on in the day ahead.

I kept my eyes steady on the horizon of what good things there were to come and justlikethat, I started to have a great day. 

This particular heart doesn’t have a huge story, but it does speak volumes about the power of focusing on the good things that life has to offer and allowing the good to find you in kind. 

As the day went on, I was enjoying some Tim Horton’s with friends and though I cannot eat doughnuts because of my food allergies, I did snap a quick picture of the heart at the bottom of the box of Timbits. 

Proof that when you slow down to be deliberate about having a really great day, the great day greets you with something so much bigger.

Cheryl Costello

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