Coffee Stains On Counters

The coffee was strong on a morning before work where I needed it- badly. There’s something so brilliant about those first few sips of strong coffee that tastes delicious.

I had handfuls of meetings that I had to balance with my daily workload and I was excited but feeling drained after losing sleep the night before. The day ahead was saved only by how delicious that coffee tasted, knowing that before the madness began, I would only have a few moments to gather my thoughts before the day had its way with me.

While going over the different parts of the day that I thought would be difficult, I stopped and looked down at the counter where I placed my cup of coffee.

Lo and behold, right beside the cup, a coffee stain sat, shaped exactly like a heart.


And it was in that moment that I decided that if I chose the meetings and daily duties once upon a time, I could feel good about them again.

Shortly after that decision, I also decided that it was time to clean the counter and my mind.

Cheryl Costello

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