In The Makeup

It was simple: I was running late for work and was worried about being late.

Rushing first thing in the morning is my least favorite way to greet the day ahead and I couldn’t wait to settle into my work for the day and feel that sense of calm I’d been longing for. In one fell swoop, while trying to get ready quickly, I dropped my makeup on the floor, the hinge on my blush breaking and the brush for it going flying across the bathroom.

I cursed out loud and myself for letting the morning slip away from me so quickly.

While picking up the blush to resume my routine, I saw a heart drawn into the dirty reflection on the mirror I don’t ever use.

Cheryl Costello The Finding Hearts Project

It stopped me in my tracks and reminded me that I don’t have to be so hard on myself and that I still had more than enough time, but it was simply that I didn’t have the same amount of it that stressed me out.

There are some days where we need the reminder that it’s all turning out perfectly and that we have only to sit back some mornings and do the best with what we have.

As it turned out, I was at work on time and while I didn’t have my usual fifteen minutes to savor the start of my day there, I still had enough time to be there before my day officially started.

The heart reminded me that we always get to choose whether or not these little things stress us out or help us to relax into the peace of the present moment.

Cheryl Costello


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