The Heart Of An Apple

The coffee was strong and the food felt like it was taking forever at first.

There’s something about making breakfast for someone that makes you want to ensure that everything about it is just so.

The music was blaring from my speakers while they showered upstairs and I got to work, hoping to create something wonderful. I finished making the French Toast, coffee, chicken bacon and started preparing the fruit, being as careful as possible to create what felt like the best breakfast I ever had to make in my life.

No pressure.

The song changed over on a playlist on Spotify I’d never listened to before and the beauty that was Ben Rector’s song, “Brand New” poured from the speakers and beat for beat, matched the happiness I felt despite my worry about how the rest of the day was going to turn out.

I cut through the apple after finishing the pear and immediately saw the clear heart right in the middle of the fruit.


The heart reminded me that it was already going to be a great day and that worrying about the little things therein weren’t going to serve anyone well.

With that being the case, I was free to then simply enjoy the time I had to spend with this person and the day turned out to be nothing short of wonderful.

Cheryl Costello


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