Dancing Through The Night

I was out for the night with Momma Bird and I wanted so badly to spend a night out dancing. After my cousin’s wedding I forgot how much I loved to let my hips sway and swing along to the beat of a song I love. Usually I keep that dancing to myself and reserved for time spent at home but I couldn’t help but want to join in with others doing so and to share in that brilliant energy.

We were making our way to Toronto, singing to the Spice Girls at the top of our lungs, feeling like we were on top of the world.

I had no care for whether or not anyone found me attractive or not and I was focused solely on dancing my way through the hours of the late night and into the early morning hours.

Halfway through the night, I went to the washroom and was greeted to a line in which people were dancing like they didn’t realize that the stage was upstairs. I closed the door and looked at the back of the stall, to find this heart and beautiful message, summing up what I was learning about love and relationships.

Cheryl Costello The Finding Hearts Project

“I hope no one stops me from loving you!”

What if we said that to ourselves every day, at least once a day and allowed the thought to fully envelop us- Nothing could stop that love. How powerful would we be?

The music thumped through the floor and was the soundtrack to my grin through the moment I had with the Universe, before returning upstairs and dancing into the early hours of the morning.

Sometimes the hearts mean a great deal and sometimes they simply highlight how amazing this life can be, in ordinary moments.

Cheryl Costello


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