Cookie Hearts

It was a quiet morning, with the rain falling softly outside and I couldn’t think of any better way to release than by turning to a familiar respite- music.

I picked up my guitar and tuning it, after a few months of not playing at all, my hands moved along the neck of the instrument, fingers pressed gently against the strings, but firm enough to create that gorgeous, resonant song.

Cheryl Costell The Finding Hearts Project Guitar

It had been a very long week and after sleeping in and sinking deep into a cup of coffee, finding respite in the break from my to-do list, I went for a walk as the sun started breaking through the thick cloud cover.

It wasn’t anything profound, but a stressful week combined with little time in between to decompress with those I love and cherish saw me longing for a break.

I remember walking to get a coffee while thinking to myself, “What are a few things I have to be grateful for amidst this insane week?

The scenery around me added to the beauty of that moment and though I didn’t find any hearts on the walk to get a coffee, I was expecting them and awaiting their sweet presence.

Then, without fail, as I was sitting down to savor a few sips before heading back home, I noticed the heart in the package of Gluten-Free cookies I bought.

Cheryl Costello The Finding Hearts Project

I smiled along with the Universe, thinking to myself that sometimes all it takes is looking for the good stuff, in order for it to find you back.

Cheryl Costello


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