Hearts In The Pavement

The sun was shining and its setting rays blazing through the gaps in the trees, guided my route home.

Feeling the warmth of its evening light shining on my face, had me smile into the subtle breeze playing with the air around me.

It was a banner week and though long, I only had handfuls of things to be grateful for.

Life was getting really, really good and I was so excited to see where it would be taking me next.

While making that walk home and thinking about all of the great things happening and wonderful people coming into my life, I stumbled upon a heart in the pavement that I couldn’t ignore.

Cheryl Costello Pavement Heart

It’s times like that where you can’t help but stop and feel an immense sense of wonder and appreciation for the way in which we’re always so supported.

Life has taken so many twists and turns and more than anything else lately, I’ve been asking myself, “How good can it get?”

…and the hearts keep reminding me that I’m onto something good because it can only keep getting more and more amazing.

That’s just how life is designed to work.


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