Gratitude Before Work

I was on the bus one really early morning in August.

The sun was just starting to slowly creep over the world, casting it’s golden glow. My mind wasn’t fully awake and I was getting myself mentally ready, thinking about things I was grateful for as I boarded the bus and made my way to work.

Allowing my mind to empty, then refill once more with thoughts of things I absolutely adored about the day before, my eyes drifted to the seat in front of me where naturally, another heart found me.


It’s no surprise anymore that when I keep my heart open and full of gratitude, the hearts pop up as reminders that as much love that I’m putting out into the world, it’s making its way back.

Sometimes, it just feels good to spend part of the morning slowing down long enough to remember why I’m grateful that air was moving in and out of my lungs in a day.

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