Hiking In The City

This summer has been nothing short of magical.

Almost every weekend I’ve spent a substantial amount of time out in Nature, savoring its sweetness and soaking in the sun’s gorgeous rays.

I’ve been down almost every hiking trail in the city where I live while also venturing onto trails in neighboring cities. The tall trees surrounding me like giant pillars reaching to the clouds, holding up the bright blue sky above.


If it wasn’t the trees, then it was the long stretches of trail that wound into small oases in the city.


It was no surprise to me that along the way, I kept finding heart-shaped rocks embedded into the path, as though marking the way back to the joy that left my soul feeling such beautiful rapture for the present moment.


I remember taking a step back while on this particular hike, to really breathe in the magic of how much life was teeming in the Earth around me.

The hearts reminded me to stop and put the camera down for a second, to rely on my mind to take snapshots of moments no camera could ever capture.


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