Magic By The Lake 2.0

 I had more photos than I knew what to do with, because the Sunday I mentioned in the last post, gave me more gifts than I knew what to do with. 
There was so much peace in the water and in the cool breeze the summer afternoon was giving us as we immersed ourselves in Nature’s soft grip.


Summer in full swing, all its splendour teeming with life around us, I couldn’t help but take my sandals off and climb on top of one of the rocks littering the shore, taking in the breeze and the sounds of so much silence amidst an otherwise busy week. Signs of life darted through the waters before me and the grin on my face spread as my attention moved to the rock nearby… 
I could not make this up if I tried. Sometimes the Universe is all too perfect in its sending of gentle messages when my gratitude is flowing as freely and peacefully as the water around us at the lake that day.


The trail wove around the lake and into the forest spreading out and up around the lake.  

It then delivered us to flowers in bloom and water so perfectly framing the birthplace of new life in Nature. 


What amazed me more than the lilies (they are after all, my favorite flower), was the way the seaweed and algae made some parts of the water look like constellations unsure of whether they were on Earth or supposed to color the night sky like nebulas and galaxies coming to life for the first time.

As we went along the trail, a stump gave one of the day’s final gifts to me and it came in the shape of a heart.   

Shortly afterwards I put my phone away, intending simply to enjoy the beauty of the world around me and whatever hearts I was to find afterwards, were a secret smile the Universe and I would share. 


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