Breakfast Tomatoes

The house was quiet as I woke up slowly, preparing my beloved avocado and tomato toasts. It’s such a simple thing but it easily makes my mornings all the more exciting because of how delicious they taste and how easy they are to make. 

That’s always the key to my mornings being smooth and causing more ease than stress: making sure everything stays incredibly simple. 

The coffee was brewing and my cat was telling me stories about her night as I sliced open the tomatoes I bought the night before. 

I couldn’t help but smile ear-to-ear as I took the slices apart from the whole, to find a few hearts among other wonky shapes, nestled right in the tomato itself at the bottom.

I was so grateful for the early morning light creeping slowly over the world, lighting my morning routine. I was overflowing with gratitude for the life and personality of my cat, who always has weird ways of making my day that much better without really even trying. 

And above all else, I felt so grateful for the healthy body that I was taking care of by feeding it these delicious foods.

Sometimes the hearts serve as reminders of the good while other times they just pop up to highlight all the things we have to be grateful for and to tell us to keep thinking about those wonderful aspects of our lives that so fill out days with joy. 

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