On Forgiveness

There’s a certain magic that grips you, when you commit to letting go of the end result and simply enjoying the process.

I left work early one afternoon that the sun shone down on the bright afternoon before me, wanting to take full advantage of every single ray that I could.

While walking along the trail, I found myself asking whether or not I was truly ready to let go of some negative memories I’d been carrying with me for many months.

Was I ready to know what my life would look like without that clever reason to hold back?

What would I say to the person who took part in the creation of the sting?

The moment I realized that the only answer I had was forgiveness and the only reason I had was compassion, I knew I was ready to let go.

And within minutes of getting up from the small waterfall I found, I stumbled upon a heart resting neatly in the snow, as if placed there just for me.


It’s impression was small, but the simplicity of it felt a lot like the Universe was saying, “If you’re ready, so am I. Let’s do this.”

And so it was that I let go of that extra weight and moved forward with ease because I simply decided that I didn’t need it there any more.

The void that pain leaves behind wasn’t one that needed to be focused on any longer, simply because I decided I was enough and it was time.

Like a guiding light, the hearts are there to remind me through dense mist and fog that the shore is closer than I once thought.

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