Just To Make You Smile

Few things fill me up to the brim with joy, like being near the water.

It’s where I feel closest to God/The Universe/Source/Myself.

And yet another morning on the week off I had around my birthday, saw me sneaking off to the water, gleefully taking in those deep blues and the way the waves crash into shore, resonating so deeply that it’s easy to forget that they aren’t an inherent part of me.

While making my way to my “spot” by the water’s edge, I stopped to stare and take in the sight before me at the entrance to the pathway leading to the shore.


It wasn’t until after I took the photo that I saw the heart near the middle of the picture- some synchronicity is too profound to ignore when it comes to these hearts of mine.

And all the rest of that morning, hearts revealed themselves to me in handfuls and heaps, as if jumping out from the scenery to say, “If you think that was cool, check this out…”

IMG_4194 IMG_4195IMG_4190

It was a wonderful morning and I’m so grateful for the moments where life stops me in my tracks as if to say, “All of this and then some. It’s just put here so perfectly and timed so right just so that your eyes will see it and break those lips into the brightest smile this place has seen today.”

That’s the Universe for you.

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