When The Weather Breaks

It was another warm morning, punctuating a series of weeks where frigid temperatures clung desperately to the city.

Not wanting to miss the chance to soak up some sunshine and get back to my beloved Nature, I donned several layers and took to the trails, hoping to lose myself in the mid-morning sunlight.

The birds were chirping loudly, as if to let the world know that they hadn’t forgotten how to sing and remembered well, the notes they sang through the Summer last year.

While remarking at the way the shadows played on the pavement like a finely tuned instrument, I noticed a salt stain left on the pavement.


There are hearts which make themselves known in order to ground me in the present moment and others show up simply to say “hello old friend, how are you today?”

And so it went as I kept smiling into the sunshine, counting the things I had to be grateful for which made my cup runneth over; Sometimes, those are the best kind of heart.

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