Warm Shorelines

It was my second day off in a row and warmer weather greeted Southern Ontario for the first time in about two months over the Winter. It was as though Spring was whispering that it was well on its way and hadn’t forgotten this great space.

The sun was shining and wearing a lighter jacket, soaking up the beauty of my beloved Lake Ontario, I sought out one of my “spots” in Port Credit, wanting to savor every moment of the day before me.

While down at the store, I was staring at the water and feeling grateful for so much of what the past few months had given me.

The idea to playfully challenge the Universe popped into my mind and with a smirk, I set the intention to find heart-shaped rocks, asking the Universe to show itself to me and say hello.

Within minutes, after watching the waves kiss the shore as the wind made more of a presence, creating a more persistent beat with each wave growing ever so slightly, I found a small heart-shaped rock.


I laughed at how perfectly it all came together.

It’s easy to feel left out and as though life isn’t going to come together for any real purpose and that it’s silly to cast a line while daring the Universe to reveal itself slowly.

But sometimes it’s fun to remember that we’re always watched over and to contemplate that maybe there’s more to this whole life than what we’ve been living.


Gratitude doesn’t even begin to explain or detail the depth of feeling so loved that the Universe orchestrates something as simple as heart-shaped rocks simply to make me smile.

What if the Universe was doing the same thing for you every day too?

When’s the last time you stopped to notice?

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