Love This Way

I was spending a quiet morning with myself, coffee in hand and dedicated to the art of slipping into the world unseen and detached from technology for a few hours.

I started on my way to the book store, excited at the possibilities I would find littering the shelves, feeling grateful to be able to take in all of the magic of each book.

Sometimes, it’s less about the books themselves but thinking that a book store is really filled to the brim with the stuff of imagination that once upon a time, existed only in our minds. Were it not for courage, chutzpah and wonderful editors, those words may never have graced this world with their beauty.

And so, the excited energy of the day descended upon me like a warm blanket.

While walking to the store, unsurprisingly, I happened upon a heart cleverly placed, pointing in the exact direction I was headed.


It was as if the Universe was saying, “Get it? Love is in that direction you’re headed! IT’S A SIGN…literally! Ha!”

I’m not sure whether that’s just my sense of humor but I can’t help but picture the Universe as this spectacled sort of Uncle, filled to the brim with the greatest puns you never knew your life needed and the best shoulder to lean on when you need.

And so began a magical morning.

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