Ordinary Bits of Extraordinary

There are a few things that never empty or cease: inboxes, dishes to be done and housekeeping.

One evening after work I was cleaning up the apartment and found myself feeling somewhat resentful of the fact that I was cleaning again. Weeks before that, I remember joking with a friend saying that adulthood is really just about cleaning and working so that you can pay for the accoutrements to clean well, making food occasionally and still more cleaning.

This evening found me staring into a lemon scented sink, cleaning off my brushes and other beauty products.

While cleaning the sink, a strand of hair fell in and curled itself up without my realizing what happened.


I was in the midst of cleaning the mirror when I looked down and an ear-to-ear grin caressed my face, because once again I was reminded perfectly of how it’s all working out. Always. All ways.

Even in the moments where all you can smell is Lysol and Windex.

Especially then.


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