The Anchor

Freshly fallen snow covered lawns and the side walks.

I was caught in an endless loop where I was sick of Winter and cursing its continued grip on the city where I live.


Why are none of the side walks clear at this time of year, honestly?

Who do I even message about how icy this crap is?

I hate this place right now and want to be anywhere else.

The one thing this Winter taught me the most profoundly and poignantly as well, is the power of paying attention to my thoughts. Seldom did I find myself genuinely enjoying the privilege of being able to walk with both legs functional, in good health and with air filling my lungs freely.

While in the midst of another mental rant, I was stopped in my tracks by a heart on the pavement, surrounded by a light dusting of snow, highlighting the familiar shape.


There are some things I know for sure: it’s not just about finding the hearts because they feel good.

They do, but they’ve become something more powerful.

They’re an anchor to the present moment and like a chime that calls out to my own heart asking, “Is this really who you are? Is this moment, this thought you’re thinking right now worthy of all the stardust with which you’re made?”

My wish for you is that the hearts do the same or that at the very least, you find hearts of your own.

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